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Aromas of Incandescent Reveries is a collection of my commentaries and opinions on some of the films and literature (and the minds behind these) I have had the good fortune to savour.

While reading had been a vent, a therapy and a getaway since I was in school, I acquired my taste for cinema only during my undergraduate days. Before that, cinema films had the perception of being, with a few exceptions, a cheap, idiotic and an almost vulgar media to my uninformed mind. Then I discovered cinema – in all its glory for the art form that it is. Since then, books became the poorer cousin for my leisure time. Lately though, the pen has struck back and of late, the hours that I have to myself tend to get a healthy mix of the printed (yes, I am yet to switch to Kindle or its kind !) and the shot stories.

Having started this endeavour of jotting my thoughts and feelings down only very recently (late 2012), this collection today is modest in volume.

With time, I hope to keep adding to it. And yes, in case the writing gets too boring for you, refresh your eyes with the Photography section where I have put up a few snaps captured at various times and places. Be warned though: art-wise, these are definitely up there with the amateurish don’t-point-and-shoot category 😀

Click on the menus above to explore. Hope you enjoy your time here ! And yes, your opinions and feedback are valuable 🙂

– Avik Kumar Si

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