Imperfections (Poem)

Imperfect are the songs I sing,
Imperfect, the gifts you bring.
Dented lay our pride,
On life’s roller-coaster ride.
Yet perfectly do our movies end,
Braving many an imperfect bend!

Broken lie our hopes and dreams
On the shore of life;
Broken lies our promised land
With greed and strife.
Flawed is the light that lights up
Your perfect face –
Only saved a perfect ignominy
By your flawless grace.

Neither are our children perfect,
Nor our memories.
The good mingles with the bad,
And the happy with the sad.
Nothing and no one’s for ever fixed,
Our blessings, they are mixed.

But don’t you worry because,
Despite all of these,
Made far from perfect
Are even our miseries!

Avik Kumar Si

November 2017