Translation: Bojre tomar baje bashi

Translation of the Rabindrasangeet, “Bojre tomar baje bashi”. The link to the original song by Rabindranath Tagore is here.

It’s in the thunder, that your flute sings, It’s no ordinary melody that rings!
To this tune shall I awaken, bless me with ears that can hear.
I shall not be deluded this time, My soul shall dance to that eternal rhyme
Of the endless life that lies, concealed in the midst of death.

May I bear that storm with pleasure, on the strings of my heart
The storm which rings, through the seven seas and the worlds apart.

From my comforts tear me away, Take me into those depths I say
Where, in the middle of chaos, reigns the august calm.


This song forms the soundtrack for the famous “Where the heck is Matt” video (2008 version). You can watch it here: