Review: Notting Hill

Notting Hill (Dir.: Roger Michell; Cast: Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts et al.)

Notting Hill is a romantic drama/ comedy starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.

Julia Roberts plays a film star and Hugh Grant plays a bookstore owner. They meet at his bookstore and another chance meeting later, a relationship grows between these two individuals from different rungs of the status ladder. As Grant’s character (I say so deliberately as the character, though he has a name and identity, is at the end, deeply and overwhelmingly, Hugh Grant’s character) begins to dare to hope, the relationship is brutally interrupted by her occupational hazards and the two part ways. To say more would spoil the fun.

If you love Hugh Grant, you will love Notting Hill. And if you don’t know what he is all about, this is perhaps where you may consider giving him a chance!

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