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Swades (Dir.: Ashutosh Gowariker; Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Gayatri Joshi et al.; Music: A.R. Rahman)

Swades marked Ashutosh Gowariker’s return as a director after a hugely successful Lagaan.

Swades is about the return of an Indian scientist working at NASA to his childhood village in India and about the incidents that follow next. Shah Rukh Khan stars as the young Indian scientist. The story deals with how this talented young man unexpectedly grows attached to his homeland, becomes concerned about the troubles of the village and also falls in love with a girl from his childhood days.

While Lagaan from Gowariker was massive in scale and scope, Swades is markedly humble. However, the contrast ends there as there is little to choose between the two as both are thoroughly enjoyable, heart-warming and beautiful films.

The tale unfolds slowly in Swades, and before the viewer is aware, he too is wrapped in the world of the villagers with hearts of gold – some ambitious and others proud. Shah Rukh Khan in one of his most remarkable performances delivers a restrained act as the Prodigal Son who is torn between his present perfect life and his roots and past.

The music is beautiful and features multiple soothing numbers while boasting of a rich variety. There is a sweet lullaby, a soft romantic number, one with a nice social message mildly delivered and of course, Ye Jo Des, the emotional conclusion to the tale.

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  • a film like this deserves a better review than this half baked one you have dished out 🙂

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