Translation: Ekhon Bodhoy ..

Ekhon Bodhoy Phool Choranor Pala

(Now might be the time to spread the flowers)

A translation of the Bengali folk song, “Ekhon Bodhoy Phool Choranor Pala“. There is a fantastic rendition of this song by Anusheh Anadil, the wonderful singer from Bangladesh.

Ekhon Bodhoy Phool Choranor Pala

Etodine Phool kuralam, bhorlo moner daala

Rai je boshe ganthchhe mala, asbe bole Kaala


Now might be the time to scatter the flowers

I’ve gathered flowers for so long, full is now my heart’s urn;

Rai is weaving the garland, as she awaits her Dark One.

Monta je mor boddo bhari

Kaala re mon nilo kaari

Rai jaago bhai, bhob sagor aaj

Ekla eshe debo paari

Heavy weighs my mind today

The Dark One’s snatched my heart away

Wake up, O Rai, alone shall we cross

The ocean of life’s way.


Here, Rai refers to Radha, the lover of Sri Krishna, the dark-skinned cowherd god, alluded to here as Kaala, the Dark One.


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