Translation: Sanyasi je jagilo oi (Rabindrasangeet)

Sanyasi je jagilo oi,  jagilo oi (The monk awakes)

(Translation of the song, Sanyasi je jagilo oi by Rabindranath Tagore)

O look, there he awakens, there awakes the monk

To his left and to his right, his smile does flash

He dusts himself off, frees his body of its paint of ash.

Heaven’s clean lights into colours break out

Crazy tunes ring the chord, the chords of the heart do shout.

Come out, O you all, come out now.

The streams of colour away they flow.


Colour-storms fill the sky with joy

Colour-waves rise in the ocean, ahoy!

The drums beat out today, loud the trumpets blow.

The tear-streams have melted into a smiling glow

Its fountain overflows in the midst of life galore.


The bewitching breeze through the flute does blow

We forget the paths in which we had set out to go.

It beckons us to throw open our doors.

O, you all – come out, come out, come out oh!

Don’t you see the colour-streams – on and on they flow!


The red of the rising sun, that roused the east from its sleep.

Is the same red in which the setting sun paints itself deep –

Announcing the victory-song of life eternal.


The music which spreads across the evening sky,

Emanating from the sun-flute rings high,

Across the quiet of the night.


O you all – come out, come out, come right away.

The boundless ocean of colours shall now hold sway.

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